Cycle Diary
Contact us
Contact details
In the UK
Graeme Leith
Peter Stanley
John Clark
Dorothy Dalton
Tele: 01326 231802
Tele: 01326 565868
Tele: 0061 2 9516 2826
Tele: 0208 4266686
In Australia
Contact lists Perth-Sydney
Dialling Australia
Numbers given below are for local use. Dialling from international, the Australia code is +61, then drop the zero from the number shown.

Phone numbers and types
Fixed lines:
John & Barb Clark Tele: 02 9516 2826
Motels and camping areas as shown below in the table. Only those motels shown in bold have been booked. The destination at the end of each day is the most likely, however we don't know if daily distances are feasible.

GMS System:
Used in capital cities, main towns and eastern state highways. Range is about an 8km radius from any transmitter i.e only 16km along the road through each of the towns listed -on Aug 7 we will have GMS coverage for only around 48km/45% of the day's cycling - The system is compatible with GPRS and supports international roaming. John 0412 385 199, Barb 0417 240 773

CDMA system:
Used around country towns as well as main cities. Range about 20km-e.g on Aug 7 we will have CDMA coverage around 80% of the time.
Our project phone 0429 694 974

Satellite phone
Can be used nationally but costs are fairly prohibitive Our satellite handset number [TBA] How to call [TBA]
Costs from the handset to Sydney $4.85 per minute, to UK $1.07 per 6 second period. Costs from UK to the handset may be cheaper - receiving is free.
Satellite standard schedule: we will tune in at GMT 2300 and 0900 (GST 0000 and 1000) when Satellite is noted on list below. May be switched on at other times but the vehicle needs to be stopped with the phone outside for good reception.
Time differences
Perth (3 Aug) to Caiguna (Sun 14 Aug): GMT + 8 hours [local sched times 0700, 1700]
Caiguna to Border Village (Wed 17 Aug): GMT + 8.45 hours [0745,1745]
Border Village to Renmark(Mon 29 Aug): GMT + 9.30 hours [0830, 1830]
Renmark to Sydney: GMT + 10.00 hours [0900,1900]

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