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Former triathlete Graeme Leith will cycle 4,200 kms across Australia in August 2005 in aid of charity. "So what?" I hear you ask! Well, for able-bodied cyclists, this would be an enormous challenge of endurance, resilience and strength. For Graeme - who shouldn't be able to walk across his garden, let alone bike across a continent - this endeavour amounts to a nearly unbelievable challenge.

Graeme suffered a horrific skiing injury in 1997, at the age of 48. He was left paralysed from the waist down, a paraplegic, unable to feel or do anything with his legs and hips. Doctors and specialists said that he'd "never walk again" and that he should "get used to it and get on with it"! He was told he would have to make a life for himself from the confines of his wheelchair. Instead, Graeme has confounded these specialists by learning how to stand and walk again.


Through his perseverance and focus his legs have recovered most of their functions though his "dropped feet" have not - yet - and he still has difficulty controlling them. So he has problems getting on and off his bike, keeping his feet on the pedals and stopping and starting! His disability creates a constant challenge to his safety. This is where his great friend and cycling buddy, Peter Stanley, comes in. He has been a stalwart for Graeme at every stage in his cycling recovery and will partner Graeme on the trip. Apart from the challenge itself - cycling right across the driest continent on earth - and in spite of Graeme's disability, Peter and Graeme aim to explore the truth in the saying "you can if you think you can!" Their journey is a metaphor for personal achievement against the odds and the expectations of experts. It is a parallel to the work of the charities Graeme and Peter are raising money for.

Please help us to make this challenge count.